At the end of 2018, shortly before the world shut down because of the pandemic, I decided to quit my marketing job with no backup and devote my life to cultivating my talents.

Why Morla?

Morla is my maternal last name. I am the son of eight sisters. Although artistic ability has been present on my father's side, it has also been wounded by the dangerous masculine created by our society and the military. Morla Solis then appears as a space of integration and governance. The gifts of one side of the family serve to counteract the curses in the other; and viceversa. I explore Morla Solis as a space because I want it to encourage exploration, discovery and adventure. It is also a protest against our current narratives of success and an invitation to take a bucket-list approach to life. Why? some people ask, "why not" I usually answer.

My art is focused on healing, spirituality, history, authenticity and the integration of light and shadow.

I do believe that the artist's role in modern times is to help with healing process and I also believe we are just vessels of higher intelligence. Hence, you will find my art filled with spiritual and jungian influences and motifs, as well as historical references to Latin American history and family dynamics.

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